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for a long time, it was the “dragons are villains” mindset that became dull and antiquated. but now I feel like the newer antiquated trope is the princess who loved the dragon.

but why a princess? beside diplomatic responsibilities, I really can’t see a princess in the context of even running into a dragon, much falling in love with said dragon.

why can’t it be the humble monk who entertained his endless riddles? why can’t it be the nimble rogue who picked his way into her heart?


I’m thinking of just posting the rest of the animations in video format instead of gif… easier to convert and post than GIF scenes. Hope you guys don’t mind

I forgot to add the subtitles here, but they’re basically voiceover of the bartender saying: “I know you’re not from around here, but there’s a nearby planet thats been wrecked by some invasive specimen. It’s a real shame, because that place used to be a real big vacation spot until that thing showed up. The locals used to be real friendly and sociable, but now just the wind scares the crap out of them.

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