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KILL LA KILL: 7. Felt like Panty and stocking but despite the interesting plot line I just got sick of how sexual the outfits were. (If you aren’t asexual I bet you’ll like it more) lots of odd sexual creeping. Plot line was excellent though and I loved the art. Might watch again, if with someone else

that’s funny, i’m asexual and i love seeing the human form in all of its sexuality.


true fact: way back when I first read Scott Pilgrim, I got mad doki dokis over all the Knives Chau/Stephen Stills interactions. I shipped them like crazy, so when the last volume came out and Stephen also came out… I literally squee’d and went back and re-read the old volumes with the new adorable knowledge. So if it wasn’t clear before, my ridiculous arguments this year haven’t come from a place of me not liking the gay getting in the way of my ship, I tried (probably failed) to keep it about storytelling, and sometimes the slight hypocrisy of not caring about representation unless it’s you getting yours. By all means please demand better of writers and artists, but when they DO do better, don’t get huffy and call it what it’s not.

So with 2 weeks left until episode 25 comes out I feel we can all unite together and agree that my opinion is always right forever and I’m not a giant immature baby who likes to smell my own butt

also I wanted to draw TsumuGoori from the Drama CD but forgot I don’t draw vehicles enough aww :( 

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